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– If you are a teacher, student or researcher, feel free to use my photos or parts of them. Please attribute them to © Marita Braun and have a link back to this site if possible. In any case, I’d love to hear about how you’re using the images! It’s exciting to know an image of mine can be of help to you. Please contact me by commenting on any post. I keep personal info private.

– If you are a non-profit, it’s also OK to use my photos, but please contact me first by commenting below. I keep personal info private.

– If you’d like to print my photos or use them for printable projects, please contact me first! I have high resolution and well edited versions available for most images which will be better suited for print.

– All other uses (incl. commercial websites) also require permission from me.

– Do you have a personal blog (non-commercial) and would like to post one of my images? You have permission to post one image, unaltered, as long as you link back to this site. If you’d like to post more than one image, please also contact me first.

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5 thoughts on “Image Use

      1. Lui

        Thx a lot. One question remains. I once read that the festival was moved to another stadium. Is it true or the festival took place in the Wildpark Stadion?

  1. Darrell

    Hi Marita,

    I love the Dio picture you took at MOR 1984 at Karlsruhe Germany. I was there that day but did not get nearly as close as you did and had no camera. It was my first concert at 15 years old and still the most memorable to this day. I am interested in seeking permission or license to print one copy (highest resolution available) for my personal use. I would like to frame the image to be displayed with my ticket stub and hand advertisement from the show.

    1. Marita Post author

      Hi Darrell,

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you like the shot! It was definitely a great concert and this being your first concert you really lucked out to see all these bands and artists in one show!

      I’ll send you an email.


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