Brown Lizard Camouflage

brown lizard sitting on rock

We often hike in Towsley Canyon (Southern California) and during the spring and summer you’ll see lots of these brown lizards everywhere. This little gal or guy was camouflaged so well, you could barely see it sitting there on the rock. Anyone know what kind this brown lizard actually is?

Drawing of a Rose

rose drawing

This drawing of an abstract rose is my first attempt at shooting art. The original is 11″ x 11″ inches, so it wasn’t hard getting the whole image into one shot. I tried the auto-function, but also played with aperture, exposure, flash and so on. Tip: save the image as a .psd before you process it in Photoshop.

There is a link to a great basic tutorial on the resource page where you can get more tips for shooting art. I added a ‘mat’ to the drawing so this rose wouldn’t look like it’s floating. My original drawing actually had a mat, but I got some smudges along the edges which I cropped so I had to add another one. For this image instead of Photoshop I used Graphic Converter which is also an excellent image processing and converting tool and in some instances easier to use.

Sunset on Monarch Beach

sunset on monarch beach

We stayed at a hotel on Monarch Beach for a few of days and caught this gorgeous sunset. This part of the beach was beautifully calm and quiet but a few hundred feet farther south it was crowded with surfers every day.

Just for fun I tried DxO’s Film Emulation Software. You’ll get dozens of filters for color, color negative, cross processed and black and white film from Fuji, Kodak, Agfa, Ilford and not to forget: Polaroid!

The results can be nostalgic, creepy, painting like looking, or the very familiar graininess. In any case you’ll get a picture that has that something extra that’s missing from today’s often too perfect images. Here I applied one of the Kodak filters:

Sunset in Monarch Beach with Kodak Film filter applied

Bodensee von Oben – Lake Constance from Above

Bodensee von oben

This is the “Bodensee von oben” or Lake Constance from above with the Alps in the background. I love taking pictures from an airplane, even though you have a window in front of your lens and there are usually clouds or haze. The Bodensee, which borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is one of the cleanest and well kept lakes I’ve seen, despite the fact that boating is allowed. Rules and enforcement are very strict.

Monsters of Rock 1984 Karlsruhe Germany

Monsters of Rock 1984 Karlsruhe - Motley Crüe
This was at the beginning of the concert at 11am – Motley Crüe were the first to go on.

Monsters of Rock 1984 Karlsruhe -  Ronnie James Dio

I stood in the very front of the pit what seemed like forever when Ronnie James Dio finally turned around and pointed at me! I almost dropped the camera!

Somehow these pictures from MOR in 1984 in Karlsruhe survived my moving about a dozen times and switching continents. I went with a few friends and I remember the concert started at 11 in the morning and lasted till about 10 at night. Bands there were Motley Crüe, Accept, Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Van Halen and ACDC. I think it was Motley Crüe’s first concert in Germany; I always loved Gary Moore’s guitar playing; Dio was a blast like all his concerts and so was ACDC – they had to be the best party band around!

Accept and Ozzy also rocked it but everyone complained about Van Halen who totally screwed up that day: Roth was so drunk (or whatever), he left after half a song, the band played for a bit longer and then also left.

We were in the very front pretty much the whole time and the crowd behind us was pushing so hard that sometimes my feet lost touch with the ground and I was ‘carried’ from the front to a few rows back. It was a constant fight to stay in front. It was also very hot that day and we were periodically hosed down. After about 11 hours of rock and ACDC’s finale with the canons blasting, my ears were ringing for days … It was so worth it!!

I found a few more pictures of Monsters of Rock here.

If you’ve been to one of the Monsters of Rock back then, tell us about it in the comments! (Deutsch oder Englisch :))




A great big “thank you!” to Tad (see comments) for sending the following pics:


MOR Michael Anthony - Van Halen
Michael Anthony – Van Halen


MOR Angus Young - ACDC
The headliners: ACDC – Angus Young