Monsters of Rock 1984 Karlsruhe Germany

Monsters of Rock 1984 Karlsruhe - Motley Crüe
This was at the beginning of the concert at 11am – Motley Crüe were the first to go on.

Monsters of Rock 1984 Karlsruhe -  Ronnie James Dio

I stood in the very front of the pit what seemed like forever when Ronnie James Dio finally turned around and pointed at me! I almost dropped the camera!

Somehow these pictures from MOR in 1984 in Karlsruhe survived my moving about a dozen times and eventually moving to another continent. I went with a few friends and I remember the concert started at 11 in the morning and lasted till about 10 at night. Bands there were Motley Crüe, Accept, Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Van Halen and ACDC. I think it was Motley Crüe’s first concert in Germany; I always loved Gary Moore’s guitar playing; Dio was a blast like all his concerts and so was ACDC – they had to be the best party band around!

Accept and Ozzy also rocked it but everyone complained about Van Halen who totally screwed up that day: Roth was so drunk (or whatever), he left after half a song, the band played for a bit longer and then also left.

We were in the very front pretty much the whole time and the crowd behind us was pushing so hard that sometimes my feet lost touch with the ground and I was ‘carried’ from the front to a few rows back. It was a constant fight to stay in front. It was also very hot that day and we were periodically hosed down by Ozzy haha! After about 11 hours of rock and ACDC’s finale with the canons blasting, my ears were ringing for days … It was so worth it!!

I found a few more pictures of Monsters of Rock here.

If you’ve been to one of the Monsters of Rock back then, tell us about it in the comments! (Deutsch oder Englisch :))




A great big “thank you!” to Tad (see comments) for sending the following pics:


MOR Michael Anthony - Van Halen
Michael Anthony – Van Halen


MOR Angus Young - ACDC
The headliners: ACDC – Angus Young



28 thoughts on “Monsters of Rock 1984 Karlsruhe Germany

  1. John Graham

    OMG I can’t believe I found this. I was at that concert I was in the army. I was at Wharton barracks 2/37 engineer Battalion. What an amazing concert! I paid 55 marks to see that concert. What a trip – something I’ll never forget. thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Rita

    I was there! Probably one if the best times of my life! Completely forgot to bring my camera. Would love to see more pictures?

  3. Wayne Likes

    1984 Monsters of Rock Karlsruhe Germany! Biggest and Best Concert I’ve seen EVER!! People were crashed out and passed out everywhere in Karlsruhe after the show! Tore up the town! Crazy time! Will remember it ALWAYS!!

  4. Randall Cosse

    I still can’t believe I left after Van Halen. It was my first real concert and we got to wasted. I really wished I had stayed for A/C D/C. I heard he kicked ass. I was stationed at Sembach AFB.

  5. Ed Harvath

    David Lee Roths exact words were ” I forgot the fucking words man ” Still remember after all this time {Aschaffenburg 83-85 } 1/4 inf.

    1. Lane Sizemore

      oh yes, DR was wasted and was not on his game! Remember seeing Valerie Bertinelli sitting back stage on an amp crate! Was a great show non the less!!

  6. Jeff

    It was a great show – will see if I can get my pictures scanned from it. I was also close enough to get sprayed with the hose by Ozzy, and have some photos of Van Halen very similar to the ones you posted so we may have been standing close to each other.

    Here is one of the crowd (actually several put together) from the upper deck while Accept was playing. [link expired]

    And Tad Winning – there was MOR in ’83 too with a pretty awesome lineup of Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, Saxon, Meatloaf, Twisted Sister and Motörhead. I saw that show in Kaiserslautern.

    1. Marita Post author

      Great shot(s), Jeff, thanks for sharing! Yes, good chance we may have been standing close to each other if you had a similar angle. We were packed in like sardines! But it was a great spot for taking pictures, don’t you think? Feel free to share pics of MOR ’83 as well if you like. Another fantastic line-up!

  7. Tad Winning

    It only took me 45 minutes to get to within the first 5 rows. If you want to call them that, as I too spent a lot of time off of my feet getting squeezed harder than I thought I could bear. It took another hour just to get to the 2nd row, and another 2 hours to worm my way to the fence 1 finger at a time. It was brutal but made it to the fence in time to get sprayed by Ozzy with the hose. I got some great shots of VH and AC/DC albeit was only the Disk Camera, if you remember those. I don’t however see any upload boxes though. How can I share these Pics with you guys? This was the FIRST MOR tour as far as I know, and I think Ours was better than any that followed it.

    1. Marita Post author

      Hi Tad, I like your dramatic description of getting to the fence; it was truly like that! Not everyone who tried succeeded! I agree, I think this was the best MOR! And yes, I do remember the Disk 🙂 I’ll send you an email so you can send your pics and I’ll add them to this post.

  8. Marita Post author

    You’re so welcome Kim! And yes it was hot!! It’s fun to share them with fellow concert goers like you 🙂 It was a fantastic concert, wasn’t it?

  9. Kim

    Thank you so much for posting these! I was there also that day….my first concert ever! It was SOOOO hot …..and my memories have faded over time….but THANK you for keeping these safe and then sharing them with people like me!

  10. Mousele

    Thanks for the photos! There are not many around. Yes, it was Mötley Crües first concert in Germany and I am still a fan. I believe the whole day was in a way setting the direction for my life and I am proud that I never changed my musical taste and attitude. I was second row and the pushing was really, really tough. I remember that I had trouble breathing for one week afterwards. 😉

    1. Marita Post author

      Hey Mousele, you’re welcome! I’m so happy I could share these pictures with you all, my fellow MOR’s! This event was huge for many of us. I think we all had some physical consequences 🙂

  11. Doug Widdemer

    Marita – Loved the pictures from Monsters of Rock 1984. What a show. I still have my ticket and poster too! Lots of Beer and Apflekorn that day!

    1. Marita Post author

      Thanks Doug! Yes, what a great show! They don’t do them like that anymore!
      If you like, I’ll post your pics of the poster and ticket.

  12. Marita Post author

    Danke für deinen comment, ja das Konzert war einmalig! Falls du noch irgendwo Bilder findest, bitte linken.

  13. Sandra

    Super! Von dem Konzert gibt’s so wenig Bilder – Dio’s Schnappschuss ist genial!! Wir waren auch den ganzen Tag dort 🙂


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