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Sunset on Monarch Beach

sunset on monarch beach

We stayed at a hotel on Monarch Beach for a few of days and caught this gorgeous sunset. This part of the beach was beautifully calm and quiet but a few hundred feet farther south it was crowded with surfers every day.

Just for fun I tried DxO’s Film Emulation Software. You’ll get dozens of filters for color, color negative, cross processed and black and white film from Fuji, Kodak, Agfa, Ilford and not to forget: Polaroid!

The results can be nostalgic, creepy, painting like looking, or the very familiar graininess. In any case you’ll get a picture that has that something extra that’s missing from today’s often too perfect images. Here I applied one of the Kodak filters:

Sunset in Monarch Beach with Kodak Film filter applied

Bodensee von Oben – Lake Constance from Above

Bodensee von oben

This is the “Bodensee von oben” or Lake Constance from above with the Alps in the background. I love taking pictures from an airplane, even though you have a window in front of your lens and there are usually clouds or haze. The Bodensee, which borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is one of the cleanest and well kept lakes I’ve seen, despite the fact that boating is allowed. Rules and enforcement are very strict.