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Drawing of a Rose

rose drawing

This drawing of an abstract rose is my first attempt at shooting art. The original is 11″ x 11″ inches, so it wasn’t hard getting the whole image into one shot. I tried the auto-function, but also played with aperture, exposure, flash and so on. Tip: save the image as a .psd before you process it in Photoshop.

There is a link to a great basic tutorial on the resource page where you can get more tips for shooting art. I added a ‘mat’ to the drawing so this rose wouldn’t look like it’s floating. My original drawing actually had a mat, but I got some smudges along the edges which I cropped so I had to add another one. For this image instead of Photoshop I used Graphic Converter which is also an excellent image processing and converting tool and in some instances easier to use.

Bodensee von Oben – Lake Constance from Above

Bodensee von oben

This is the “Bodensee von oben” or Lake Constance from above with the Alps in the background. I love taking pictures from an airplane, even though you have a window in front of your lens and there are usually clouds or haze. The Bodensee, which borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is one of the cleanest and well kept lakes I’ve seen, despite the fact that boating is allowed. Rules and enforcement are very strict.

Towsley Canyon

towsley canyon santa clarita valley

Another Towsley Canyon shot. Had to edit the colors a bit because the land came out pretty dark, but I hope it still comes across how beautiful this place is, even when all the grass is burnt from the sun. I love it up there and I’ll probably post many more pictures of this place…