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Banned Books at City Lights Bookstore

banned books shelf

City Lights book store in San Francisco maintains a shelf dedicated to banned books. A world without 1984, Naked Lunch or Ulysses? Inconceivable! One of the last remaining independent bookstores, City Lights Bookstore is a gem that still has the air of the Beats and hippies. Read more about the City Lights Bookstore here. The owner, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a poet and has owned the store for over 60 years!

View from Le Meridien in Munich

le meridien munich, sicht vom le meridien in mรผnchen

After I’ve figured out the child proof lock (it was adult proof too – almost ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I took my little Canon snapshot and reached as far as possible to get this shot. I think we were on the fifth floor; right across from the train station. The Meridien is newly remodeled and you can’t hear any noise from the train station at all. It’s a nice place, very clean.