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Colorful Hopper

colorful hopper on cactus

I’ve never seen a hopper like this – it is so colorful! It was hanging out for days on the same cactus like this spider here and got a bit nervous when I got too close. I couldn’t find exactly what kind this is, so if anyone knows please leave in the comments. For another hopper without much color, click here.

Mali Uromastyx

mali uromastyx
Our uro Joey.

mali uromastyx reproductive parts - male
Male mali uromastyx reproductive parts.

First we thought there was something wrong, but when checking with the Herp Society we learned that those were his male reproductive parts or genitals. (Sorry Joey :)) Since there still don’t seem to be many images about this on the web I’m posting it.

And while I have your attention, please do not buy your reptile at a store. Instead, search the web for your local herp society and get your pet from them.

Brown Lizard Camouflage

brown lizard sitting on rock

We often hike in Towsley Canyon (Southern California) and during the spring and summer you’ll see lots of these brown lizards everywhere. This little gal or guy was camouflaged so well, you could barely see it sitting there on the rock. Anyone know what kind this brown lizard actually is?